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Selling in Las Vegas?  Why you should choose The Goad Team

Choosing to put your property on the market is a major decision and who you choose to sell through can mean the difference betweeen selling quickly and for top dollar or months on the market and a low sales price..  No matter how upgraded your property may be, a house won’t simply sell itself! Using an inexperienced and/or lazy agent makes selling your property difficult and it will cause your property to not only sit on the market longer, but sell for less as well.  

For most real estate agents their idea of marketing a property is what we call the “Three plan” which simply consists of…

  • Putting your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Putting up a For Sale Sign
  • Praying that somehow it will sell

However with The Goad Team it is much different.  We are committed to providing a first-class selling experience and ensuring that your property sells Quickly and for Top Dollar.  The Goad Team utilizes the latest technologies (coupled with more traditional marketing techniques) to ensure that our clients properties sell faster and for more.

The Goad Team’s Marketing Plan. We sell Quickly and for Top Dollar:
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As top real estate professionals in Las Vegas, we spend thousands of dollars marketing the properties that we list for sale, to assure that your property sells Quickly and for Top Dollar.  Give us a call at 702-907-4623. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about selling in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Goad Team – Your Best Bet in Las Vegas Real Estate®